DAPIS (Designing appropriate agronomic and processing practices for pineapple supply chains in Benin) is a three years project funded by WOTRO (the Netherlands) under the Applied Research Fund Scheme. The project aims at improving the quality of fresh pineapple and pasteurised pineapple juice for local, regional and international markets.

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CLEONOMICS (Utilizing the genome of Cleome gynandra (Gynandropsis gynandra) for the development of improved cultivars for East and West African markets) is funded by WOTRO and aim to Develop high-yielding, nutrient-rich Cleome Gynandra varieties that meet the expectations of farmers and consumers in Benin and Kenya


GENES (Mobility for plant genomics scholars to accelerate climate-smart adaptation options and food security in Africa) is funded by the European Union. It aims to Strengthen the capacity of African students and staff in the use of molecular tools for solving problems related to climate change in agriculture