Homeland Taste

Homeland Tastes is a startup in the field of food processing created in 2016. It specializes in the production and marketing of aromatic, nutraceutical and medicinal herbal infusions. Currently we have five tastes compositions already available on the Beninese market. They are: Lemongrass-Moringa, Mint-Moringa, flavored Bissap-mint, Lipia-mint and flavored Ginger.

Seed Services

The vision of Seed Services is to supply the continuous availability of quality seed for farmers, especially for those involved in market gardening production.

Biolife is a startup which aim to produce high quality (nutrients content) bio-fertilizers for sustainable intensification of vegetables production in Benin

The Laboratory of Genetics Horticulture and Seed Sciences (GBioS), produce Bio market gardening product crop on its farm at the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Abomey-Calavi.