The Laboratory of Horticulture and Seed Science offers short courses (two to four weeks) on various topics related to agronomy. These courses are sanctioned by the Executive management with certifications.

Training modules cover several topics tailored for two target groups.


Target group 1: Farmers, Agricultural Advisors, Technicians and BSc. students, etc.

  • Vegetables production techniques in tropical areas
  • Pests recognition in vegetables production
  • Valorization of crop residues and animal wastes in compost production
  • Agro-ecological management of pests in vegetables production
  • Principles and authorized practices in organic farming
  • The use of Bio fertilizers in vegetables production
  • Improved technique for rapid multiplication of pineapple ratoons
  • Marketing strategies for agricultural products


Target group 2: Master’s students, Doctoral students, Researchers, Policy makers etc.

  • Bioinformatics
  • Quantitative Genetics with R
  • Conservation and valorization of resilient farmer seeds


These training sessions are periodically launched and published on different platforms.