Description of Bénin Céréales

“Benin Céréales” is a food processing start-up specializing in transformation of minor cereal (grains) into various end product for human consumption. The cereal targeted are Fonio, Sorghum and Meal Millet. These cereals are processed in different variants and fortified product such as: flour, missed yogurt called Dégué; couscous, and flour for children porridge. This start-up promotes the use of cleaned, undamaged and high-quality cereals from trustable suppliers for the processing. The released products can be got at an affordable price. The fonio based product are very nutritious and excellent for the human growth and healthy due to the zero amount of gluten, but rich in methionine and cysteine, the two mains amino acid important for our heath, but which is not produced by the organism. Benin Céréales’ products helps consumers to diversify they diet while reducing high amount of sugar and other unprofitable nutrients for the body. As target of human health, the product is processed in condition that met the required standard for set by the food regulatory board.


In term of innovation, we process fonio, sorghum and Millet that consumer highly need and due to the difficulty and stressful processing they abandon. We Process for the population our nutritious cereals under different form and ready for consumption in order to help them diversify their Diet. Our Product are free to sand, gluten and rich in the three mains essential amino acid. With our product, people do not care about overweight and stay heathy is easy.

Market Analysis - actual or projected market size

Our target market is the vegetable growers of the urban and peri-urban area of Benin estimated at more than 3000 producers. We also target the landscape designers of the urban area of Benin. Currently we use to provide our compost for the experimental and vegetable production site of Laboratory of Genetics, Horticulture and Seeds Science (GBioS) where they use it to grow different crops.